YouTube Marketing: 4 Pro Tips to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Marketing: 4 Pro Tips to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

If you are wondering how to optimize your YouTube channel, then this article is for you. 

I am going to show you the four channel optimizations real YouTube professionals do to ensure their target audience finds them.

Let’s go.

So, by now you have created a few videos, and have them sitting there on your channel as you ponder the next step.

That is an awesome start.

But, if your channel is not optimized correctly, chances are you are missing out big time.

Optimizing your channel (with a few simple edits) will:

  1. Strengthen your channel’s brand.
  2. Attract more views
  3. Get more subscribers

In the end, having a YouTube channel is great, but if your target audience cannot find it, your videos will collect dust.

Pro Tip 1. Getting the Title Right

The first thing you need to do to optimize your channel is, make sure to get your video titles right.When browsing videos in either the search results or category lists, the title of the video is what signals to the viewer that your video is what they are looking for. But it is also the biggest mistakes that I see people doing.

Let me give you a couple of examples. I see many videos on YouTube with titles like this:

Antoine DuPont, episode number 23, tips, and hacks on Video Marketing.


Ep. 023 Antoine DuPont how to leverage video titles to increase your subscribers base.

But, this is the wrong approach. Let me explain why.

Your title should First:

Start with a keyword your viewers are most likely looking for. Just like this article:

YouTube Marketing: 4 Pro Tips to Optimize Your YouTube Channel”

What our readers are looking for are YouTube Marketing tips, which is why we make it clear from the start that this is what we are offering.

Second, each video’s title should not be more than 70 characters long (including spaces). Youtube cuts off anything longer than 70 characters, so anything more will go unseen.

Third, be as descriptive as possible in your video title. For example, writing something like:

Antoine Dupont. Episode #23.

Doesn’t say anything about what is in the video. People want to know what’s in it for them. Why is it worth their time to click play?

Putting all this together, here’s an example of a good video title:

YouTube marketing tips: Optimize your channel like a pro.

That is 56 characters, plus it explains precisely what the content of the video is.

Lastly, here’s another pro tip:

Videos with a qualifier in parentheses or in bracket have a higher click-through rate. Often times you can place in the parentheses is something proving the relevancy of the content.  For example, showing that the content is up to date:

YouTube marketing tips: optimize your channel like a pro [2018].

That way, the simple qualifier tells the person hovering over the play button that the video is current with fresh tips relevant to their query and encourages them to watch.

Plus, it’s still only 66 characters.

Nailed it.

Pro Tip 2. Using Eye-catching Artwork

Now that you have optimized your video titles, let’s work on your channel’s visual artwork, in particular: Each video’s thumbnail art. This is super important.

Everything being equal…Multiple People Giving Thumbs Up

… If someone was choosing between two videos to watch… 

One with an eye-catching professional thumbnail, and the other with a blurred frame from the video:

Chances are they are going to click the one with the thumbnail.


Because, they know they are about to watch a well thought out, high-quality video. A thumbnail is like the packaging. Before even opening the box, it signals the content’s value (or lack thereof).

Now let me give you an example:                                                                                                                                                  

successful landing pageoption b            

Which one would you more likely watch? It is obvious.

Remember, these YouTube channel optimization tips help you increase video your click-through rate, resulting in higher views, subscribers and ultimately – more business leads.

After optimizing our video thumbnails, the next step is to create a professional looking channel banner. This is the rectangular image seen at the top of your YouTube channel.

Apple YouTube Screen

When choosing your banner art, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Make sure your banner art communicates what your channel is about to your audience.  There is no point putting a stock photo of a mountain or beach scene at the top of your channel if it does not communicate your core business message or the content they can expect to see on your channel.

The other common mistake people make is…

not taking the time to check their banner art on different screen sizes.

Because:  YouTube automatically crops your banner image to fit each screen’s size. It will look different on say an iPhone versus an iPad versus a desktop. Pro tip: Make sure to check that your banner art displays well on all screens.

Even better: Use a virtual tester, like, to see how it displays on all screens.


Let’s look at a few simple, yet well designed, banner images that communicate their business’ style while defining viewers expectations for the channel’s content.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud Banner


Bon Appétit


Bon Appetit Banner


Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat Banner


Pro Tip 3. Your Channel’s Intro Video


Once you have your video titles and all your artwork are taken care of, it is time to optimize your channel’s feature video.

Many people do not take advantage of the feature video feature on their channel, which is a major YouTube marketing mistake.


Not sure what a feature video is? Let me explain…

Every YouTube channel can display two types of featured videos on their channel’s homepage.

  • One displayed only to new visitors and those who have not subscribed.
  • And the second which appears to returning subscribers.

This allows you to have a video especially to introduce viewers to your channel.

For example, you could make a short talking head video where you look in the camera and say something like:

[ Hi this is Antoine DuPont, CEO and Founder of Katapult Marketing. Welcome to the Katapult Marketing Channel. On this channel, we talk all about Digital Marketing, including topics like Facebook Marketing, Content Marketing, and Video Marketing for business owners just like you. Please subscribe to stay up to date with the latest Digital Marketing trends and make sure to check out the playlist below. ]

This easily created video gives new visitors a clear message about what kind of valuable content your channel offers and whether it applies to them.

Make sure you leverage the new visitor video to entice new visitors and explain what your channel is all about.

The second featured video is for returning visitors. Here we recommend using it to promote an event or a popular video that is already doing well on your channel. This allows you to promote content your viewer is almost guaranteed to like.

Pro Tip 4. Organize Your Playlists

Last but not least, if you want to optimize the user’s experience and the channel’s view count, create custom playlists.  With playlists, you are giving your fans a organized and straightforward way to navigate your channel and find what they want. It also means that if a viewer watching a video in your playlist, the next in the playlist will automatically queue, improving the likelihood of gaining more views for each video.

But how should you segment your playlists?

I will tell you how I do it:

I have three types of playlists.

My first playlist contains all my keynotes. This is where I keep my longer, information-rich content for those looking for those types of videos.

Next, I have a playlist for my “How-To” videos. This is where viewers know they can get quick marketing industry tips outlined in short step by step videos.

Lastly, I have a webcast playlist. This is where viewers can access my more casual live captured industry interviews and webcasts.

Think about it.

How can you organize your content into playlists? Are some of your videos related to each other? For example, if you own a cooking channel, could you make a “desserts” playlist? Or perhaps an “under 30 min preparation” playlist?

Let me know in the comments section below what your playlists are or could be.

Before I go:

I hope you have gained some valuable insights from these tips on how to optimize your YouTube Channel like a Pro.  Remember, video marketing as an art and science that takes practice and time to find your niche on YouTube. But, of all the tips I can give you about how to succeed on YouTube, here’s the most important: JKCU. Just Keep Clicking “Upload”.


Need help with your video marketing?

Hey, I’m Antoine Dupont. I’m committed to making your business grow. My only question is, will it be yours?



Antoine Dupont

Antoine Dupont, founder, and CEO of KATAPULT Marketing is a public speaker and workshop leader with over 20 years experience in Digital Marketing and Business Growth. Event organizers and attendees frequently comment on the nature of the practical, actionable “take away” value of his presentations. He is effective facilitating a small group in workshop format or on stage presenting to your audience. His take on digital marketing strategies and business growth make him a great option for those wishing to compete and dominate in their industry. Contact Antoine:(561) 272-8567

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