Why You Need a Grandma Test when Design a Website

Let’s talk about the Grandma test.

I think it’s great.

Everyone has a grandma. But, if you don’t have one: Call me; I’ll rent you one of mine.

So what is the grandma test?

The grandma test is when you show your grandma your website and then ask her a few questions afterward.

If she can answer the questions accurately…

Congratulations! Your website has passed the grandma test. However, if she cannot answer your question; you have failed (oh no!).

So why do we call this the grandma test?

Because the everyday grandma didn’t grow up looking at screens or websites.

And for that reason…

If you can create a site so simple that your grandma gets it, you know that your most any client will too.

(Especially if your target market is grandmas!)

But the grandma test can be done with anyone as long as they don’t know what you do, and the less they know about technology, the better too.

The questions you should ask during a grandma test:

Here are a few questions we recommend using during a “grandma test.”

  • What can you get from this site?
  • Why should you get it from this site?
  • How can you get it from the site?
  • How will this product or service make your life better?
  • What happens if I don’t get this product or service?

Let’s use it in a mockup example:

Here’s our website.

If I called up my grandma Juanita and asked her to come to my house to look at a site (she knows I’m weird like that), here’s the conversation we would probably have:

Grandma Juanita: You’re looking too skinny. Are you eating enough?

Me: Yes, Nanna Juanita. ☺ Three meals a day plus snacks.

Me: Can you look at this website for me?

Grandma Juanita: Of course, bambino

Me: Nanna Junita, what does this business do?

Grandma Juanita: They help you get more customers to grow your business, sweet cheeks.

Me: Why should I get it from this site?

Grandma Juanita: It looks like they know what they’re doing from the video & awards on here.

Me: How can I get started with this business Nanna?

Grandma Juanita: By clicking the “Schedule a Call” button in the middle of the screen, sweetie.

Me: How will this their service make a person’s life better?

Grandma Juanita: Well, it helps people grow their business and make more money, I think.

Me: But what if I don’t hire this company Nanna Junita?

Grandma Juanita: Well I don’t think you will make more money, honey.

Yay! The website passed!

The reasons why the website would pass a grandma test are simply:

  1. The website has a clean and simple layout with a clear focus
  2. All the key information is there, above the fold, as soon as you land on the site.
  3. It has a clear call to action.

If you use these simple guidelines for your website, yours can also pass the grandma test.

Try it for yourself and let us know in the comments below what your grandma thought of your website. ☺

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