What we get wrong with Website Design & Development

Let me start by saying this:

We have collectively wasted a lot of money on Web sites.

I mean…

Over the years, we have wasted a lot of money on stuff that didn’t work.

The reason why is?

Because, you know, we’re trying to get some leads.

We keep trying to generate new leads with our site.

We think; oh you know what? It must be my site’s design that isn’t working. So, we decide that getting a new design will fix all our lead generation problems.

So do we do?

We hire a website designer.  Someone that is highly qualified and who has built beautiful websites since the dawn of the internet.

Or worse…

We hire a geek. A technological wizard who knows the ins and outs website coding.

Then we think to ourselves…

“This person knows what they’re doing. They’re qualified.”

“Look, they even went to school for computer design or something.”

“I’m sure they’ll build something great…right?”

Sure, they probably do have degrees in design or are experts in Java, PHP, CSS and all those coding languages.

But, here’s what will happen:

If you hire a designer, they will go and build you a beautiful Web site.  I mean, it will be stunning.

Then, you’re going to go home and you’re going to scroll to your heart’s desire. You’re going to look at it, click on all the pages, and be happy with your pretty little website.


After a while, you’ll realize that didn’t work. Wait. It didn’t get leads. It’s not converting people…

Whereas, if you hire a geek:

You’ll get a high tech, and practical website. It may have custom Artificial Intelligence in it’s contact forms that recognize if the viewer is on a mobile or laptop and change the form accordingly, and it will have all the analytical metrics you could imagine.

That’s it, right?!

Finally, with this high tech online gizmo, you just know that people are going to interact with your Web site. This time it’s going to work!


It doesn’t work either.

We spent all this time building this amazing techno piece of art with all that smart integration, but still don’t get leads.

The reason for all this is simple:

People aren’t sold through graphics and gizmos. People buy things because the words they read. This is what gets them to take action.

If you don’t believe me, look at Amazon.com. It’s probably one of the ugliest websites you’ve ever seen. Right? I mean it’s just not fancy, or sexy. There aren’t any outstanding design features, and yet they sell 35 items per second!

Let me show you an example of a Web site. I’m just going to give you a case scenario here.

This is a Web site that I extracted from the Internet today. It’s a perfectly beautiful Web site.

It’s got a great picture in the background. There are three boxes in the bar and at the bottom and the navigation is relatively simple. In essence, nothing is wrong with this website.

After all, it’s beautiful.

Moreover, I can almost promise you that the person who owns this site probably spent quite a few thousand dollars to have it built.

However, I want you to realize something here:

It’s a dentist’s site. Yeah, he’s here in West Palm Beach, Florida. But, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. You probably looked at the website and thought, is this guy selling real estate?


…Maybe you just had no clue what the site was about. I know that’s what I felt when I first saw it.

The point is; we keep creating websites focusing on what is most up to date, or what is aesthetically pleasing. But this doesn’t generate leads or convert clicks into dollars.

What we need is to make a site that focuses purely on the visitor’s journey and their perspective of the site.

So, before wasting any more money, ask yourself these four questions:

  1. What is my visitor thinking?
  2. Is what I offer clear from my homepage?
  3. How do they know they can trust me?
  4. How can they be sure this is what they need?

It’s ok if a visitor doesn’t need what you offer. Not everyone does. But the faster we can answer this question for our website’s visitors, the better.

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