Website Redesign Checklist: How to Create a Great Plan

115_medWould you build a house without a set of blueprints designed and signed off by an architect? Almost everyone would answer, “No, of course not.” Well the same thinking needs to go into your website redesign. You need a solid plan complete with blueprints before you begin to redesign website. Without it, you will not know what you want the result to achieve. Here is how to put together a great plan for your website redesign:

  • Analyze what you have. Have people go to the website and give you feedback. Run polls with current customers to see what is working. You may not need to do a complete overhaul. A thorough update can give you the same results as a complete redesign in some cases. Even if you go with a new design, you can incorporate elements of your old one that work.
  • Create a clear set of goals. Your analysis should have identified what is working and what is not. You may want to increase organic traffic. You may want to add more landing pages. You might want to start offering online courses or webinars. Set your goals and make them workable.
  • Look for examples of websites that you like and ones you do not like. Identify the elements that work for you and those that do not. You may have an absolute favorite web design. Show it to your designer. You may hate another. Show the designer. You may like certain elements on one page. Give those to the designer as well. It offers a solid outline of what you want.
  • Look at your competition. You want to keep up with what they are offering. If your competitor is offering online courses and you are not, that is a gap. If you have thought about offering webinars and your competition now does not, you need to get that prioritized. That will give you an advantage.
  • Make function the first priority, form second. You want a smoothly functioning website. Every aspect should be bug free and easy to use. Once you have that functionality down, you can add the pretty pictures and color scheme. An attractive website may get you compliments but a non-functioning one will get you no praise.
  • How can you increase user interaction? People like to take part in their web browsing experience. Your website needs to offer some level of interaction. It might be a calculator or a design tutorial. There are a million ways to do it. You just need to find the right combination.z
  • Is your design mobile friendly? As you likely know already, more and more people are using mobile devices for browsing. That means your website needs to be friendly to those devices to connect with the most people. When you are planning to redesign website, you need to make sure that your designer takes this into account.

  If you go through each of these points carefully, you can craft a blueprint to guide you as you redesign website. With that blueprint, you will know what you have, what you want to change, and how to get there. When working with a web design agency, they can help you build this plan. But, in the end, it is your website, it is your company, and you need to take control of the result.

Katapult MarketingWebsite Redesign Checklist: How to Create a Great Plan