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We work with Industry Experts & Thought Leaders

who want to grow their audience through video marketing.

We offer 3 things

1. Strategy Session

to discover the best video marketing approach and the best topics for your business.

2. Done-For-You

video production & filming sessions. You show up, we do the rest.

3. We Manage

and optimize your online video marketing presence to help you grow your audience.

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If your current videos

don’t match the professionalism you deserve, we can help with that.

And we will improve your visibility and reach.

The “How-To” Videos

Have you ever discovered someone awesome while searching for a How-To video? The answer is most likely a big huge “Yes!!”. How-to videos are an amazing option for you to grow your audience and BECOME AN INFLUENCER.

The Industry Experts Videos

Here’s the deal, if you don’t establish yourself as the expert in your industry, someone else will. Every hour, another video on your subject matter is uploaded on the internet. Many of them aren’t that great, but a few will rise to the top. Industry expert videos are an amazing option for you to ESTABLISH AUTHORITY and gain increased visibility.

The “FAQ” Videos

I bet that your target audience ask the same questions over and over. In reality, there are most likely 100’s of those questions if we do a little digging and research. Your job is to be the one who answers those questions. FAQ’s videos are great to educate your target audience and IMPROVE CONVERSION when it’s time to make a sale.

The Subject Matter Expert Videos

Let’s be honest, you have a lot of intellectual property and thousands of hours of hard work in your field. Creating a library of content is one of the best way to establish yourself as the go-to person. Subject matter expert videos are a great option for you to ENGAGE AND INSPIRE your audience.


Video editing is no fun and time-consuming.

Don’t be held back. You deserve to grow.

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 Leverage your expertise.

 Get coached in what works.

 Grow your audience and visibility.

I experienced an almost immediate uptick in the volume of new client inquiries with the videos they produced for us.

Robert David Malove P.A. Malove Law Firm
Sally Abella

The Harman partnership has been outstanding. The Team at Katapult is outstanding and completely keeps things on track.  This is one of the best decisions I have made.

Sally Abella Harman Group
justine mckinnon

The team at Katapult Marketing is awesome. They are a pleasure to work with but also always meet deadlines and resolve any issues right away. We have used them for many many years and will continue to use them for years to come!

Justine McKinnon Jornee
john killacky

I just wanted to comment on how awesome the support is for our organization. I have filled out a couple of trouble tickets and they have been awesome to work with AND they are faster than the best McDonald’s drive-thru!!

John Killacky MPI Indiana Chapter

Ready to Grow

Your Audience?

Video Marketing

Video Marketing offers 1-on-1 interaction with your audience that builds trust and loyalty, quickly. In fact, studies have shown that viewers tend to trust those they watch frequently on YouTube the same as people in their circle of close friends.

At Katapult we create High Quality, entertaining, and informative videos that attract views and create deeper and engaging customer relationships.

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How it Works

1. We Strategize

2. We Create Videos

3. Your Audience Grows

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We Have Worked With

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Here’s how Katapult Marketing can help you

grow your brand with Video Marketing.


Producing great videos is not as easy as it seems. Creating the right scripts for the right audience is harder than it looks. Setting up the equipment and the editing process is very time-consuming.

We make it easy for you. Show up, we do the rest.

And we will improve your visibility and reach.

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Ready to get more leads and grow your business?

  • Get a website that converts visitors into buyers
  • Get found on Google both locally and nationally.
  • Videos generate 5x to 10x more engagement. Get yours done now.
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Learn More About Video Marketing

How To Post Your First Video on YouTube (10-step Tutorial)

In this video, you’ll learn how to properly upload a video to YouTube using the brand new upload process in the Creator Studio. This is a 10-step by step EASY tutorial.

Why Is Video Marketing So Effective For Business Growth

We all know that video marketing is the way to go.


For most people; doing video marketing means that you have to buy a lot of equipment, put yourself in an awkward situation in front of a camera, and spend a lot of time on it. So is it really worth all the work?

Video Marketing: Tips And Techniques With Framing & Lighting

Let’s talk about framing and lighting.

Framing and lighting are two of the core elements of a good setup for video production.

In fact, just getting these two aspects right, can mean the difference between a crisp, professional video and a quickly forgotten dud.

Personal Video Marketing Case Studies

We all love success stories. They help us to see how someone else was able to achieve things we want to and learn how to do it successfully too. Personally… I love reading stories of how others have gained thousands of views for their business using video marketing. They always inspire and motivate me in

How To Edit Your Videos Like A Pro

Did you know that 85% of all video views on Facebook are silent? What I mean is that the majority of people are watching videos with the sound on mute.  I’m sure you’ve done it. I do it all the time too. Like, when I’m lying in bed with my wife who is reading a

Video Marketing Tips: The Five Types of Videos Your Business Needs

“I know I should be making more videos, but what kind of videos should I make?” Someone asks me a question like this at least once a week. So what’s my answer? I’ll tell you. But first… Video marketing is the most potent marketing tool available to us in this day and age. And, it’s


Video editing is no fun and time-consuming.

Don’t be held back. You deserve to grow.

Yes, I want my videos done right!
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