Video Marketing Equipment: What You Need To Start

You’d be surprised how little equipment it takes these days to get started with video marketing.

In fact…

You may already have everything you need in your pocket.

In this article,

We will look at the video marketing equipment you need to get started.

Let’s start with a video equipment package for the technology phobic.

Last Christmas, my wife told me she wanted to get started with video marketing and asked me to help her pick out some equipment.

The catch…

She said that she was technology phobic and that it had to be something easy to use.

Btw, my wife thinks her computer is out to get her. So when she asked me to pick equipment for her, I knew had to find something super simple to use.

In her mind, she wanted something she could use on her own without asking me for help.

I can certainly understand her reasoning behind that. I’m sure you don’t want your partner breathing down your neck and telling you what to do every 5 seconds either.

So what did I get her?

I bought her two corded lavalier microphones.

That’s it.

With just two corded lavalier microphones, she could just use her phone to take decent video with awesome audio.  Because phones these days come with great video hardware.

If you own a Samsung 6 7 or 8, 9, that’s excellent. Or, if you have an iPhone 6, 7, 8, 9, or X, that’s great too. Any of these phones are good enough to create high-quality videos for your business.

In fact,

There are now directors who shoot feature-length films on iPhones. I have personally done full-length video documentaries on my phone, too.

Combined with a corded microphone, your phone provides overall excellent professional video quality. However, if you wanted to go a little further, you could buy a clip on lens, tripod, an LCD light, and a clip.

(The clip is handy because you can clip the rig to anything any be hands-free.)

That is a useful little setup if you are making something like interview style videos and all of that would cost you a whopping 148 bucks or so.

So, for about 148 dollars you can already get started with a semi-pro video equipment setup. If you buy it all on Amazon, you’ll have it all at your doorstep within a week. Boom!

The Pro YouTuber

If you are looking to go a little more professional, the only step up you would need to make to produce quality video marketing content, is to go with a DSLR camera and a decent lens.

The most popular makes are Canon and Nikon.

If this is the route that you’d like to take, then for about $1,500 at Costco they will give you a nice bag with a DSLR bundle including lenses and battery packs.


If you wanted to go full pro, you could also get a tripod, professional lighting, a green screen backdrop, and a professional microphone. All in, it would cost a few thousand dollars including the camera.

Even then, the cost of entry is not enormous for the average business owner. Especially when considering the value you are able to create for your business with such a setup.

What I recommend is this.

If you’re just starting out, go with a technophobic setup while learning to ropes, and expand your gear from there.

That way you can get started right away.

Katapult MarketingVideo Marketing Equipment: What You Need To Start