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Your Social Media Management Journey…

Plan a “Content Calendar”

We create a monthly custom content calendar crafted around your marketing campaign to organize your social media presence and give your followers consistency.

Create “Shareability”

Many businesses on social media lack engagement from their followers. We help South Florida businesses create content their customers want to share.

Best of “The Boost”

Only 6% of your followers see your posts organically. We help you build Facebook campaigns that boost your content to potentially millions of eager customers.

  • From the moment we met, I knew this was the company for me!... I experienced an almost immediate uptick in new client inquiries working with Katapult.

    Robert D. Malove, Esq – Criminal Attorney in Fort Lauderdale

Katapult is a Good Choice Because of…


With staff trained in social media management, advertising and Public Relations, Katapult has over 40 years of combined experience in Social media. Longer than it’s been around!

With that expertise in all areas social, Katapult delivers effective custom paid and content focused campaigns built to make a clear difference to your bottom line.

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Just 6% of your followers see your posts organically. Advertising helps you get seen by millions.

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