In 2017, it’s all about Quality Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy where companies & brands create interest, relevance and relationships with customers by producing, curating and sharing content that addresses specific customer needs and delivers visible value [Forrester]

Increase Traffic with Content Marketing Services

To increase the traffic to your website, you need to do more than create quality, relevant content, you need to make sure people know about it, read it and share it. With a content marketing strategy designed by the experts at Katapult Marketing, you can stand out among the competition and rank higher in Google searches.

One of the main forms of content today is blogging. Blog posts are the ideal format to share information about your products and services while utilizing an effective SEO strategy. Incorporating keywords into your blog sensibly and avoiding “keyword stuffing” helps users find and remain on your site. Best of all, when you create interesting and amazing blogs, users may share your blog posts on Social Media and you can benefit from a much larger reach.

Katapult Marketing knows that the more eyes that see your blog, the greater potential traffic to your site. Our main goal as a content marketing agency working for you is ensuring that your business succeeds online.

Content marketing services help transform your audience of prospective clients to consumers who purchase your products and services. Today’s tech-savvy consumers are self-directed so filling your site with relevant content is essential for bringing them to your business as they seek answers to questions. A strong content marketing strategy from Katapult Marketing allows you to connect with customers in new, unique and effective ways. Along with creating and maintaining a blog, a content marketing strategy can also include updating website content, infographics, and video content, all of which we help promote through social media and other online marketing channels.


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Content Marketing Strategy

The top listing (page 1, position 1) in Google’s search results receives 33% of all the traffic. [Source: Search Engine Watch]

What is the Benefit of Content Marketing?

To help grow your business online, Katapult Marketing provides a variety of content marketing services designed around your specific needs. Assisting with your inbound and lead generation goals, we create a content strategy to help your business obtain a stronger presence online. By evaluating and understanding your target audience, Katapult Marketing designs a plan that aids in the creation of effective content. We then create, optimize, promote and maintain that content, providing you with content reports that show the most effective areas of the content marketing strategy for your business.

Sorting through all the elements required for a successful and effective content marking strategy can be confusing in today’s highly competitive business market. With content marketing services from Katapult Marketing, you have the benefits of an experienced content marketing agency determined to boost your site rankings and online visibility.

Content Marketing Services in South Florida

What you will get

  • Smart Keywords Analysis

    We use the word “smart” because I can’t tell you how many people we see going after the wrong keyword for their company and wonder why they are not generating the traffic yhey need. Using our keyword grader tool, we’ll help you select the most appropriate keywords that will drive “qualified” traffic to your website.

  • Write Content and Blogs

    We have the talent in house to produce pages of content and blogs that will drive qualified traffic to your website.

  • On-Page Optimization

    We’ll analyze all of your pages, including all interior pages, and do the work to improve their efficiency. We’ll survey what keywords are driving content to that page, and analyze links to that page.

  • Link Building

    Our link analysis tool will grade all of the incoming links to your website, track progress over time, and identify new link building opportunities.

What We Don’t Do

  • Make promises that are too good to be true
  • Using techniques that can get your site banned
  • Produce keyword “stuffed” content
  • Create “shaddy” link building techniques
  • Submit your site to hundreds of useless directories

Frequently Asked Questions

Our SEO agreements are month-to-month, no long term contract required. In essence, we earn your business each and every single month. We make it simple to start – and to move on – no questions asked. However, there are no shortcuts in SEO and you should be willing to do it for a recommended 12 months period.

Truth be told, overnight results in SEO take about 2-3 months. There is no magic, no one we can call at Google and ask for favors…even if we beg. It takes works, expertise and discipline. SEO is not quick fix, it’s a long term project that will produce amazing results over time. So expect to see some results within 3-6 months

With being consistent and hard work, that’s it. Think about it like going to the gym. How long will it take for your muscle and stamina to drop if you stop going? SEO is the same, you have to keep working at it, because if you don’t, your competition will start eating your lunch

Yes we do. We guarantee to have your website rank for the keywords or keyphrases you have selected. We don’t take on small business internet marketing clients unless we know we can win for you. We are more interested in producing results than in your money. We’d rather turn someone down than just take your money and fail.

  • From the moment we met, I knew this was the company for me!... I experienced an almost immediate uptick in new client inquiries working with Katapult.

    Robert D. Malove, Esq – Criminal Attorney in Fort Lauderdale
  • Best company I've dealt with.  The consistency of the message, the look & feel, speaks to your level of professionalism and of your system efficiency.

    Jody Johnson Team Sage, Miami
  • The Harman partnership in regards to our business travel website has been outstanding. Pinki Shah is outstanding and completely keeps things on track.  This is one of the best decisions I have made.

    Sally Abella Harman Group
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