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Be exceptional. We help South Florida Businesses to create content their clients are looking for to establish you as the industry expert.

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How We Make Your Content Stand Out

Find what Works

We find top articles in your field and use what made them great as a guideline for your content direction. This way your articles are built for success.

Get it to Work for You

Going beyond a good read. Every piece of content is craftily written with the right keywords so you will rank high on Google.

Copywriting Tricks

Utilizing proven sales copy tactics, we give your readers an engaging experience that builds trust with and enhances “shareability”.

Multiplying Reach

We connect with industry influencers to boost your content’s reach and visibility within a targeted word of mouth community.

“85% of top performing marketers deliver content constantly over time.”


Katapult is the Right Choice Because of…


Content is still king. But, businesses have caught on and now over 2 million articles are published every day. But, this is still good news for you:

99% of them are doing it wrong.

A few years ago, if you posted new content to your website frequently, you would easily rank higher in Google and get more traffic.

But that doesn’t work anymore. These days, you can’t just be fresh. You have to be THE BEST in the industry.

Where other companies produce a random article a week, we focus on industry dominating quality content designed to succeed which we actively promote for you to attract fresh visitors to your website on autopilot.

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  • From the moment we met, I knew this was the company for me!... I experienced an almost immediate uptick in new client inquiries working with Katapult.

    Robert D. Malove, Esq – Criminal Attorney in Fort Lauderdale
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