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How Much Does SEO Cost For Small Business

To answer, I’ll usually share some statistics with them like…

Well, did you know 85% of people looking for a product will start with a search?

And over 70% of the clicks on Google’s search results are on the first page only?

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Website?

Today I’m going to give you a real breakdown of how much it really costs to make a website.We’ll go through the basic website cost averages first, and then look at some hidden costs most people don’t realize are involved.

How To Increase Your Website Conversion Rate [Landing Page 101]

Okay so if you’re thinking: “I got a good website but for some reason, it’s not converting right + it’s not giving me enough leads” then this blog post is for you. TIP #1 Never ever ever use a carousel in the header of your homepage. So why is it such a bad idea to use a carousel?

How To Improve Your Email Marketing [Easy]

Most email marketing tools should be able to give you your email open rate and email click-through rate and that data is absolutely vital. You need to know what it is. And if your current system does not give you the statistic of your open rate and click-through rate, then maybe it's time to switch.

Why Is Video Marketing So Effective For Business Growth

We all know that video marketing is the way to go.But…For most people; doing video marketing means that you have to buy a lot of equipment, put yourself in an awkward situation in front of a camera, and spend a lot of time on it. So is it really worth all the work?

The 5 Essential Elements of a Successful Web Design

After analyzing tons of websites across a wide variety of industries…We have identified five key elements every successful website has in common. What do you consider a “successful” website? In my opinion, a successful site is one that gets more leads and effectively converts visitors into customers.

7 Key Website Design Elements that Convert Visitors into Customers

People often forget: The whole point of having a website is to increase your bottom line. So…Why have a website unless it is built purely to convert visitors into business? That leads to the question: What does your website need to become a converting machine?

The 7 Questions You Must Answer With a New Web Design

As a web designer and after developing hundreds of websites for clients all over the world, we found that creating a successful redesign still just comes down to answering seven key questions.Here are the seven questions we ask every business owner when designing their website.

Why You Need a Grandma Test when Design a Website

The grandma test is when you show your grandma your website and then ask her a few questions afterward. If she can answer the questions accurately…Congratulations! Your website has passed the grandma test. However, if she cannot answer your question; you have failed (oh no!).

What we get wrong with Website Design & Development

Let me start by saying this: We have collectively wasted a lot of money on Web sites. I mean…Over the years, we have wasted a lot of money on stuff that didn’t work. The reason why is? Because, you know, we’re trying to get some leads. We keep trying to generate new leads with our site.

Video Marketing: Tips And Techniques With Framing & Lighting

Let’s talk about framing and lighting.Framing and lighting are two of the core elements of a good setup for video production.In fact, just getting these two aspects right, can mean the difference between a crisp, professional video and a quickly forgotten dud.