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10 Ways to Create Engaging Videos for Your Small Business Social Media Marketing

Maximize your ROI with hyper-engaging videos that net conversions and sales Why did John F. Kennedy win the Presidential election in 1960? Because the Presidential Debate against Richard Nixon, for the first time ever, was televised to the nation. Those who’d seen the debate on TV declared Kennedy the winner, while those who’d listened on

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Social Media Mistakes – The Top 10 Things NOT TO DO on Social Media

Social media can be a powerful tool for promoting and growing your business. But with so many different platforms available it can be hard to know which are best suited for your business, and how to benefit the most from what each has to offer. Although I highly recommend developing a social media marketing strategy

17 Actionable Business Growth Strategies To Help You Grow Your Business Online Today

Business growth is tough in almost every market.  While the digital world has opened up a bunch of opportunities for all of us, we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s tough to know exactly which business growth strategies to use, get market penetration and move ahead of your competition. But let us help. WARNING: you are

The Anatomy of a Successful Mobile Marketing App

Remember life without smartphones and the need for mobile marketing? We may complain that technology is taking over, but you really can’t argue with the convenience of carrying the entire internet in your pocket…especially if you’re a marketer trying to make a splash with a new brand. Mobile Marketing Apps: Your Personalized, Pocket­Sized Billboard Now