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Our digital marketing company upholds a purposeful approach to our work, achieving decisive and unambiguous results. Our assertive standing within our expertise of digital marketing is the result of goal-oriented diligence. It is this thoroughness that allows us to say we are not opinionated; we are right.

Our story

It all started in 2001 with Antoine & Colleen looking for a change of pace to their busy professional lives as producers of large corporate events. The idea came out with Antoine’s experience with managing complex online registration and creating websites for the events they were producing.

The concept was, if I can do a great job for us, I’ll do a great job for others as well. And KATAPULT Marketing was born. The first few years were busy building & creating corporate event websites with online registration, then grew providing solutions to many non-profit organizations that needed a fresh start with their web presence to corporate businesses with a need to improve their brand.

Now the company has grown into a full service Web & SEO agency serving the West Palm Beach area and all of South Florida. With over 170 clients and 9 staff members, KATAPULT Marketing is growing rapidly into the trusted web partner for many businesses & organizations in South Florida.

Quality web design & SEO services by South Florida SEO company - Admin eSolutions, Lake Worth FL.

KATAPULT Marketing is an expert South Florida digital marketing company & SEO company that has helped several small businesses improve their online prospects and page rankings.

Hire a Florida digital marketing agency today a see a guaranteed rise in your rankings. Being an experienced Florida web & SEO company, we can dramatically improve your conversion rate through organic and paid optimization.

Get greater success in your online digital marketing campaign and stay at the top of search engine results with a successful Florida SEO company.

More and more businesses are signing up for South Florida SEO services for online marketing and PPC advertising as it gives them a much wider reach at an affordable price. South Florida SEO brings you the opportunity to showcase your brand before a global audience and promote your services at a price that fits your marketing budget.

We are a trusted Florida SEO company providing comprehensive digital marketing services to help you dominate your niche market.

If you desire to see positive results for your business without being bound by a long-term contract, we are the right Florida SEO company to partner with. Invest smart with South Florida SEO and make your way to the top spot on search engines that allow you to conduct business beyond geographical boundaries.

Promote your business online with a top Florida digital marketing agency and SEO company and achieve high rankings on search results.

Our Goals

Our goal is to transform the experience of creating or updating a small business website design to one of functional fun, play and ease. It’s important to know that we can work together, and that we understand your organization and the ultimate results you want your website redesign to produce. That way, we can partner with you to make it happen. The relationship that comes with the new website system can be just as important as the new look. We hope that, through these pages, you will find that we are people you want to work with!

Our Plan of Action is simple:

  • Get Found: Get more clients and more qualified traffic to your website
  • Look Good: A good website design will increase your web credibility
  • Get Results: It’s all about having more leads & more sales

What We Are Good at  As a professional website design company, we listen to what your needs are, we understand that many different organizations have many different needs. Our core competencies are:

  • Small Business Website Design Services
  • Mobile Website Development
  • Small Business Internet Marketing
  • Blogging & Content Creation that generates traffic
  • Keyword Research & Monitoring
  • Social Media: Participate & Publish

Our Impact & Your Impact

At KATAPULT Marketing we strive to make every single customer feel like they are our only customer by providing them with the best possible service they deserve!  That is the ultimate impact we want to leave! And here at KATAPULT Marketing we go way beyond that impact too. We do that by understanding our responsibility to create a better world and a legacy from all the things we do. So with that in mind, with our partnership with the Global Giving initiative B1G1: Business for Good we create very specific impacts around the world for people and communities we’ll never even get to meet.













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