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KATAPULT Marketing knows that in today’s competitive online market, your business website needs to be innovative, up-to-date, welcoming and mobile-friendly.

Web Redesign

Our web development company has the experience and skills to create a high-quality professional website that accurately represents the brand message, services and products of your business. We work with you and for you to create a business website in a timely manner that fits within your budget.

With the digital landscape transforming and evolving at what feels like light speed, you have mere seconds to impress visitors with your website and entice them to stay. It’s essential to have a current, up-to-date business website that instantly appeals to your target audience.
KATAPULT Marketing caters website development services to the needs of your business to ensure that you impress your current clients and future customers. Trends in website design and functionality can render existing sites obsolete quickly and prevent users from finding your site or remaining on it once they arrive. Web development by KATAPULT Marketing keeps your website current, accessible and appealing to users with our innovative digital design services.
Our team of web development experts has insight and knowledge of local and worldwide marketing for maximum reach.
  • From the moment we met, I knew this was the company for me! I was impressed by their knowledge and easy going, yet confident culture. I experienced an almost immediate uptick in the volume of new client inquiries.

    Robert D. Malove, Esq – Criminal Attorney in Fort Lauderdale
  • Best web design company I've dealt with.  The consistency of the message, the look & feel, speaks to your level of professionalism and of your system efficiency.

    Jody Johnson Team Sage, Miami
  • The Harman partnership in regards to our business travel website has been outstanding. Pinki Shah is outstanding and completely keeps things on track.  This is one of the best decisions I have made.

    Sally Abella Harman Group

Our Latest Web Development Projects

Responsive Website Design agency & redesign company in Fort Lauderdale & West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Web Development

    We develop websites using some of the best CMS in the world, including WordPress. Having a CMS gives you full control of your content & design.

  • Increase Traffic with SEO Services

    SEO Services are what we do best. Having a great website is important, but if your prospects can’t find it, then what’s the point?

  • Mobile Marketing

    Chances are that 50% of your traffic is coming from a mobile device. Your website needs to be perfect on all devices. We build all our websites mobile first.

  • Social Media Strategy

    We build our websites consistent with your visitor’s expectations in a social media world. In some cases, 30-40% of all your traffic will come from Social Media.

Ahead of competition

KATAPULT Marketing website development services give your website user-friendly features and distinctive appeal that helps you stand out from and get ahead of the competition. Today’s websites need to have a user-friendly interface that functions dependably and predictably on all digital platforms. A visual design that draws in and keeps users on the site combined with easy navigation free of dead/broken links instills trust in visitors to your website and transforms them into customers. Achieving your marketing and messaging goals is what we strive for when creating or redesigning your business website. We work to not just meet your website expectations but exceed them.

Call us today at 561-272-8567, we are the web development company you have been looking for.

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The success of today’s business websites relies on much more than SEO-rich standard pages such as Home, About, Services, Products, Contact Us, etc. In the increasingly competitive digital landscape, blogs have gained great popularity. KATAPULT Marketing can design and maintain a blog on your business website that utilizes effective SEO strategies. Blog posts give you an additional outlet to create unique, relevant content and serve as valuable marketing tools for your products and services. KATAPULT Marketing promotes your blog posts on social media and through email subscriptions to engage your target audience and grow your reach.
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We guaranty that we offer the best prices on the market. Feel free to compare and ask for additional details.

Online Advertising

If you are not the patient types and want to see immediate results with your online marketing campaign, then Pay Per Click (PPC) is a perfect solution.


Search engines are one of the main ways people find things on the Internet. They type in a word or a phrase, then press enter.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy where companies & brands create interest, relevance and relationships with their customers.

Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are great communication and marketing tools.

KATAPULT Marketing knows that in today’s competitive online market, your business website needs to be innovative, up-to-date, welcoming and mobile-friendly.